Farm to Desk

Farm to Desk Project is currently on-hold for an assessment of its’ future viability: if you have an active membership, your products will still be delivered to your place of work but we are not selling any new memberships for now.

Local Foods Plymouth received grants this year from the NH Charitable Foundation and from the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant (SCBG) to design and implement a “Farm to Desk Project.” This project allows employees in the Plymouth area a venue to purchase specialty crop products year-round and have ordered products delivered directly to the employees desk!

Accessing funding for this Project helps market, sell and efficiently deliver specialty crops without passing costs onto farmers thereby keeping specialty crop prices more competitive.

Project goals:

  • Connect specialty crops producer with businesses/employees (i.e., expand customer base)
  • Increase year-round easy access to specialty crops
  • Reduce farmers’ costs for selling specialty crops
  • Reduce food transportation related energy consumption
  • Improve NH’s food security by strengthening viability of local farms
  • Help sustain local economy using “Local Multiplier Effect”

The Project Partners will be the local purveyors of specialty crops (see farmer list). Partners will include local employers such as Health, Banking, Energy and Insurance companies, Plymouth State University (PSU) and small businesses.

One Project Coordinator will be hired who will work with Volunteers & an intern from PSU. Contact for more information about this exciting project.